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Neuralive, formerly SensArs develops an implantable neurotechnology reviving the brain-body connection to stop neuropathic pain through sensory restoration & feedback.
Working closely with their leadership team we renamed and built a new brand, investor deck and website for their next funding round.Their team & tech are nothing less than remarkable and beyond successful human trials they received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation.

Nature meets Neuralive

Nature makes us feel 'whole and connected', which mirrors Neuralive's technological capabilities that eliminates pain and makes patients feel 'whole again'. However, the device itself could feel invasive and intimidating to patients, so we created a visual language with a human and calming feel. This inspired the core imagery of the brand - soothing touch combined with natural scenes. The regenerative capability of the technology mirrors the regenerative essence of the natural world which we weaved into the visual language of the brand. 

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The Investor Deck

Neuralive came to us with established traction, including successful human trials, FDA Breakthrough Technology designation, over 25+ peer review publications and countless awards and grants.

They were now raising a $4M Round to complete their pilot trials and needed a stellar story and deck. Given the complexity of Neuralives technology, this was one of the most challenging technologies to distill.  

We are happy to announce that with our help they have just completed this round successfully.  


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Renaming & Logo Mark 

Neuralive formerly known as SenSars needed a new name that captures the essence of the brand, product & vision.
We created a name by merging breakthrough neuromodulation - "Neuro" with "Alive" - the feeling of revival and aliveness that the device gives patients. 

The logo is a visual symbol of the unique technological capabilities Neuralive.
The lines represent the  electrode array that are implanted in the nervous system and the closed circle represents the feedback loop restoration.

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The Colors

Traditional med-tech company brands are in the blue hues, we wanted to hint at the medical space but depict our innovation and breakthrough take through this soothing and "untraditional" color palette. Creating a family of colors that are soothing, diverse and have multiple applications. 

Revive with Neuralive

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