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Elixie turns cutting-edge nano-technology into innovative drug delivery systems that bring symptomatic relief to people with neurological diseases. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of scientific exploration, Elixie’s bold new identity system reflects their innovative spirit that raises the bar in nano-tech innovation and elevates lives.

Elixie has developed a high-absorption drug-delivery technology - NANOLIX™, clinically proven to promote the fast, efficient and consistent absorption of cannabinoids and maximize efficacy. We chose to abstract the nano encapsulations and use the vibrant bubble as an anchor for the visual storytelling. This choice underscores our dedication to transforming the pharmaceutical landscape with a burst of creativity and uniqueness.

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Vibrant hues and dynamic abstract designs echo the company's daring approach, while sleek lines and sophisticated fonts provide a sense of grounding and safety.

The Investor Deck

Working hand in hand with Elixie's senior team we created an investor deck elegantly encapsulates their story and value and we are excited for the next stage of the Elixie journey.

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The logo mark serves as a visual representation of Elixie's revolutionary NANOLIX™ technology. Much like the smaller bubble is nestled within the larger one, NANOLIX™ encapsulates active pharmaceutical ingredients at the nano-scale, revolutionizing their solubility and bioavailability, unlocking new frontiers in drug delivery.

Beyond the striking Elixie logo design, we renamed the tech to NANOLIX™ blending "Nano" with "Elixie" to create a dynamic and evocative name for this groundbreaking technology.

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